Toyota C-HR

In a world of sameness, the C-HR is a vehicle that is unique in every way. In executions across TV, digital, print and outdoor, we see the C-HR breaking out of everyday environments, leaving a world of change and uniqueness in its wake.

Toyota Safety Sense. Because every arrival matters.

Toyota has always believed in making the safest cars on the road. Now, they’ve taken that a step further, with Toyota Safety Sense – a suite of advanced safety features that now come standard on virtually the entire Toyota lineup of vehicles. And in a compelling new cinema, television and print campaign they’re telling Canadians that they’re doing this because Toyota knows that every arrival matters.

The all-new

Lexus is committed to, and inspired by, great design.  The global transformation of the Lexus brand inspired a complete reinvention of - a redesign that had to showcase the bold, powerful and innovative Lexus lineup, while providing guests of the site with the exceptional experiences that they expect.  Our solution: the first automotive brand website in Canada to feature responsive design.  On any device - ranging from a 27-inch cinema display down to a mobile phone - the experience is both beautiful and user-friendly.  Experience the brand promise of "Amazing in Motion" at


Tourette Syndrome Foundation of Canada

The Tourette Syndrome Foundation of Canada wanted people to really understand the frustration, randomness and isolation Tourette. So they launched Surrender Your Say, a campaign where people could give up control of their Twitter handle and have Tourette tics tweeted randomly into their feed. It was controversial. It hadn’t been done before. And for a day, thousands of people felt what it was like to have Tourette Syndrome in front of millions of followers.